Course type Course
Fundamentals Fundamental of Imaging  Optics
  Elettromagnetic Optics
  Fundamentals of Scalar Diffraction Theory
Optical design Optical CAD Instrument Modelling and Analysis I
  Optical CAD Instrument Modelling and Analysis II
  Lens Design & Optical Systems
Optical design Radiometric Modelling
  Opto-Mechanical Design
  Thermal Analysis and Design
  Coatings and Filters design
  Stray Light Analysis and Minimization
Optoelectronics Adaptive Optics
  Basics of Front-end Electronics
  Fundamentals of LASERs
Manufacturing and Assembly Lens and Mirror Manufacturing
  Optics Alignment and Mounting
  Verification process in space and Testing
  Hyperspectral Optical Instruments  and Calibration
  Cleanliness and Contamination Control (for Space Applications)
Hands-on Activities Hands-on Session I Spectrometer Design
  Hands-on Session II Telecentric Lens
Remote Sensing Satellites, Drones and Optical Instruments for Earth Observation
  Satellites and Optical Instruments for Astronomy
  Fundamentals of Image Processing for Remote Sensing 
  Fundamentals of Geographic Information Science
  Numerical Methods for Inverse Problems
  Remote sensing for land management
  Sartups, Spinoffs and Incubators
Total hours: 392 Credits 49
Internship: 2 months Credits 10
Final test Credits 1
Total Credits 60