Electromagnetic Optics

The course will introduce the main electromagnetic features of optical propagation: wave propagation, power considerations, polarization, intercation with dielectrics.

Aim of the course is to:

  1. Analyze a centred optical system, with several refracting surfaces, in terms of wave propagation;

  2. Evaluate its performances in terms of brightness and polarization;

Prerequisite: Basic math (complex numbers, equations and inequalities, matrix operations, linear systems, derivatives, Taylor approximations, integrals, vector calculus) and physics (at the level of "Halliday-Resnick-Walker").


  1. Electromagnetic fields and power

  2. EM field in dielectric materials

  3. Monocromatic fields

  4. Polarization of EM field

  5. Plane and spherical waves, gaussian beams

  6. Reflection and refraction

  7. Absorption and image brightness

Student evaluation: Analysis of a centred optical systems, using OTS lens.

Textbook: Bahaa E. A. Saleh, Malvin Carl Teich - Fundamentals of Photonics -Wiley-Interscience (2019).