Lens Design & Optical Systems

Understanding aberrations, their roots and how to reduce them. Panorama of optical systems, especially for space applications and preparation for the practical lessons.

  • Easy paraxial computation / Paraxial chromatism & Secondary Color.
  • 3rd order aberrations description, computation and influencing factors / 3rd order study of some simple systems : plano parallel plate, thin lens, doublet, mirrors & telescopes, IR optics, diffractive imaging optics
  • Higher order aberrations / Zernike polynomials / Image quality criterions : spot diagrams, ray fan curves, MTF, Identifying aberrations from the ray fans / Lens design softwares optimization algorithm, advantages and limitations / Introduction to tolerancing
  • Imaging optical systems used mostly used in space instrumentation
  • Preparation for practical Lens Design exercises

Microcarb optical design (Credit Airbus)