Opto-Mechanical Design

This course is a practical, systems level, overview of opto-mechanical engineering, showing how the requirements on the optical system flow down to those on the opto-mechanical design.



Knowledge and understanding in

  • Opto-mechanical engineering and design process
  • Error budgets allocation and tolerances
  • Manufacturing, mounting and alignment
  • Thermal and structural design
  • STOP (structural-thermal-optical) analysis and Bottom-Up budgets

Application of knowledge and understanding in

  • Performing Top-down budgets
  • Reading  ISO-10110 drawings
  • Developing an alignment plan with an emphasis on critical tolerances, alignment mechanisms, and pass and fail criteria
  • Using the results of STOP  analysis for the structural distortion of optical components under static loads

Ability to identify and use data to formulate responses to

  • Reading optical, thermal and structural data


Geometrical Optics

Also helpful

  • Practical skill with Zemax Opticstudio


  1. Opto-mechanical engineering and design process
  2. Optical fundamentals
  3. Optical manufacturing
  4. Optical alignment
  5. Structural and thermal design
  6. Materials properties and selection
  7. System design